Hi I’m Mark. I’m an instrument builder and I own Metropolis Music in Jersey City, NJ. I started building instruments in 1990 when I was in high school, and have been building ever since. I currently mainly build electric guitars, but over the years have built electric violins, violas, cellos, medieval and renaissance instruments.  You can check out pictures of some of the things I’ve done at www.PhotoGuitar.com

I purchased my Vitar in 2000 from a customer at a store I worked at in NYC.  She had owned it for at least a few years and just couldn’t get the hang of playing it, so she traded it in on a Zeta. That was really all I knew about it until I met John Blair. Whether or not this was his Vitar is up for debate, but he made me realize how rare these are.

Since then, my Vitar had been buried and mostly forgotten in my instrument collection until recently. Upon pulling it out and looking it up online, I realized that there’s literally no information out there about these other than a few references to bands that play/played them, and links to John Blair sites. So here it is… if you own one, say hi. If you know someone who owns one, tell them to stop by!

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