My Vitar Violin – V5-50

Vitar Front I purchased a Vitar violin while working at a music store in NYC in 2000. I’m an instrument builder, and this thing was just so damn strange that I had to have it.  One day one of my regular customers came in as I was playing with it and got all excited. He insisted on trying it out and then told me that he originally owned this violin, that it was stolen out of his lawyer’s office in 1977 and that its name was Nefertiti. Turns out this eccentric old guy was none other than John “Ellington” Blair.   I took it all with a grain of salt because even though he was a great violinist, he also wore a chrome skateboard helmet and kneepads even though he took the subway to see me.  Anyways, here it is 10 years later and there is really no information on the web about Vitars… not even a clear picture of one. This site will hopefully be a resource for Vitar owners and players who are looking for information, parts, tips, etc. I have a little pile of manuals and brochures that I’ll add to the site when I remember where I put my scanner.

  1. R.I.P. John Ellington Blair [The Vitar Master].

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