When it rains it pours – V5-P-11

(AKA when I actually follow up with emails I find interesting things)

Another new Vitar (V5-P-11)… this one has been living in upper New York state since at least the 80s and was played extensively by Douglas Christy (AKA Fiddling Chris Douglas) of the Chris Douglas Band. This one is a black 5-string with aluminium control plate, pearl Schaller tuners. ┬áIt looks like it’s been modified, and judging by the jack in the top and lack of battery box in the case it may have been totally converted to a new pickup system.

Douglas’ son Jeff says:

This was my dads, he had a country/southern rock band in upstate NY. I went to many festivals, bars and concerts to watch my dad play back in the 80s. He has passed away since then and I have been holding on to it. It has been on stage with Chubby Checker, Tom T Hall, Charlie Daniels and Eddie Rabbit that I can remember. My dad’s band was called the Chris Douglas Band. Everyone knew him as fiddling Chris Douglas and the country Bows.

Vitar V5-P-11

Vitar V5-P-11

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