Vitar Brochure

Another trip back in time to the seventies with this, the Vitar Brochure. A fancypants 4-page color foldout cardboard brochure extolling the fantastic state-of-the-art design of the Vitar.  I think the most interesting feature are the 3 different Vitars pictured – on the cover, a very sexy White/Gold 5-string with gold purfling (and an awkwardly installed chinrest). On the inside a Black/Gold 4-string with the slot headstock and violin pegs, and on the back a Black/Gold 5-string with gold purfling and Grover tuners (no back panel…hmm). It also shows a different battery box than I have – anyone else have this style with just an in and an out?

So there are 3 more lost Vitars to be tracked down…

My favorite excerpts:

“The quality of the Vi-Tar’s sound is superb, by any standard – as fine or finer than the most costly Italian instruments”


“The Vi-Tar was never intended to be played at eardrum-dissolving sound levels. To do so would defeat its own purpose and severely limit the desirability of one’s presence in the world of music and musicians.”

Well luckily I don’t know the meaning of the word “limit-the-desirability-of-one’s-presence”!

Vitar brochure 1

Vitar Brochure 2&3

Vitar brochure 4

    • vitarman
    • December 5th, 2009

    My battery box is the same as the ones you had in the gallery, i.e. with the Vitar socket and headphone socket on top. The previous owner (one of them) had drilled a couple of holes in the bottom plate so he could screw the whole thing to his pedal board. Interesting that the gold Vitar has no back plate, I wonder why they stopped putting it on. I still haven’t worked out what mine is made of, it sounds hollow if you tap it. Thinking maybe there is a timber skeleton or even just a rib with a fibreglaas body molded around it.

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